Seat Training

"The best thing I have ever done for my horse and myself is to spend a week with Nadja at OWEC having sitting lessons. My main goal in my riding is to improve my seat as that will always be the key to excellent riding."

-Annette Klausen Bengtsson / Denmark


Have you ever felt something was really hard for you while riding? Sitting to the trot? Doing a certain exercise? Not quite sure why?

It all begins in the seat. 

The key to lightness, ease and development as a rider begins with controlling your aids - all affected from the seat. 

Join us in 2020 for the riding clinic that will change your riding forever!  

For a limited time we have made a special package available at
ONLY €695,00
You get:

3 Seat Training lessons on the lunge - 2 Dressage lessons on Lusitano Schoolmasters - 3 nights accomodation 

You save €65,00

"The difference is, you can tell me more than what to do, you can also explain to me what I'm doing wrong with my body and how to change it.

That is what makes you unique"

- Silke Kaiser / Germany

"The feeling that you and your horses gave me the last week was amazing. It did so much for my confidence and really boost my dreams, and now I feel determined to reach them!!!"

- Tessa Nederend / Netherlands

Booking dates available between: March 1st - July 1st 2020

Limited availability alert!
The offer is only available until we are full. If you want to improve your seat and your riding, don't hesitate - lets do this together!

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