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Our aim is to teach and develop riders. Our goal is to make you a better rider and give you the support and possibilities to learn and improve. Our seat-training-lessons are mandatory because they are so important for the rider. What is most challenging for any and all riders, is the ability to apply the correct aids through firstly the seat and balance of the rider. This is why we want all riders to improve these skills.

"The best thing I have ever done for my horse and myself is to spend a week with Nadja at OWEC having sitting lessons. My main goal in my riding is to improve my seat as that will always be the key to excellent riding."

-Annette Klausen Bengtsson




Our riding holidays are especially thought out for you to advance your skills and take new knowledge home. Sitting-lessons are mandatory, to make your bodyawareness, balance and seat ready to ride our schoolmasters.

Our Schoolmasters are all Lusitanos trained to PSG/GP level. They are carefully selected for their rideability, character and ability to teach. They are horses with each their speciality, and there are suitable horses for all levels.

It is our main goal to actually teach you. Not just let you "press buttons". Our guests come here to learn, to improve and to grow as riders. That is why each session is about where you are, and what you need, and then our horses will teach you more than any trainer can.


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We have three wonderful apartments with open kitchen and living room, two comfortable bedrooms and bath. Each apartement can house 4 people and has private terrace facing the pool garden. A few hundred meters away a lovely lunch-restaurant offers delicious portuguese cuisine with a river view and a 5 minute drive takes you to gastronomic delights in Salvaterra de Magos.

The farm offers space to take walks and enjoy the river-view, relax by the luxurios pool or rest in the orange tree garden with view of the paddocks. Depending on the season there is a variety of fruits and nuts from our trees, and you can take home fresh peppercorns or enjoy a fresh fig straight of the tree. The marina in Escaroupim offers beautiful sails on the river - champagne and sunset-sails also a possibility.

In the local area we can arrange wine-tastings, agro-sightseeing, golfing, boat trips on the River Tejo among many other activities. Lisbon is only 45 minutes away, and so are the beautiful beaches with surfing and sun.

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