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Stress, anxiety, depression - burn-out? Any of these sound familiar? Or maybe something similar has come into your life? If you are close to or in a fase of life where mental health issues

are a worry in your life, let our Horse Coaches bring you back in balance.

We combine Horse Facilitated Coaching where ancient wisdom lives deep in each horse, ready to be shown to us and help us find the true balance in life, with modern life coaching. We don't need to do more, we need to do better for ourselves. Bring balance back in our bodies and souls - and lives.

So how can a horse do that? The horse is an animal with no verbal communication to give us, so we will interact with him only through our bodylanguage and noises. There is no right language for a horse, but the one that comes from our hearts. When we learn to communicate wrom within, we are brought in contact with inner emotions (feelings) that can be hidden and difficult to reach without the assistance and guidance of the horse.

We offer individual retreats based on needs and wishes and will create the most suitable programme for your needs. Please contact us for more information and prices.


"The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you have lost it.

The more often you decline invitations to spend time with friends or family

because you are too busy with either work or other activities,

the more you should realize that your life is not in balance."

Spend time with friends, family - and animals.

Interacting with them can besides helping you through tough times also promo the the release of oxytocin, a brain chemical that promotes a positive mood and is a natural stress reliever

Gain insight into which foods can help you reduce stress and how you can nourish your body in a healthy way to keep a better balance in your body and avoid the foods that will have a negative impact.

Most yoga styles share the common goal of combining body and mind. Introducing Yoga and learning how different ways of breathing can reduce stresss and anxiety will help you in your daily life as a natural mindfulness addition.

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