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"Nadja's first words were: A horse is just like a mirror, it tells you exactly how you feel and what your leadership capabilities are. Well we have experienced that, Amador the star of the day has taught us a lot about ourselves. 

Under the professional guidance of Nadja we have experienced a real "different" team building session. We left for Portugal with some ideas to facilitate our teams in working better together. The first sessions in our conference center were not as productive as we expected. Amador, a beautiful Lusitano, managed to show each of us in two simple exercises how we work (and are perceived). This insight into each other's strengths enabled us to conduct our follow-up sessions much more effectively.

A very effective team session that provided us with means to leverage each other’s strenght, but also know when to ask for help. Apparently asking for help often seems the most difficult thing to do.

Thanks to Nadja and Amador for this wonderful experience."

-Jo Verstappen, CEO Open Line 

Horse Facilitated Team Building

& Leadership Training

Target groups: Management level

Connecting with horses is a powerful experience. Understanding how to make 600 kilos of non-verbal animal follow your smallest signs and respond to how you breathe will put everything in perspective. Todays leaders do not need to learn how to make themselves or their employees do more - they must find out only how to do better.

In these workshops we will work around how to connect with ourselves and how we can use simple exercises to increase wellbeing and mobility - and by this improve feed of thought and energy, reduce stress and become more productive without spending more time

We will challenge the individual leader to guide a horse through obstacles and teach them how to read the horse in order to refine signals and make the horse want to follow his guide.
Teams are formed to work through the obstacles course with special guidance needed for both horse and guide. Let’s say it’s “with a twist”.

Each workshop will be carefully adapted to wishes and needs for each group or company.

These intense workshops holds maximum 12 people and can be 1/2 day - 2 days duration

Prices begin at: € 2.000,00 + VAT

Horse Facilitated Stress Reduction

and Improved Productivity
Target groups: All employee levels

For any company their most important ressources are their employees. In todays day and age we must look at the growing number of Mental Health issues such as Stress, Depression and Burn-outs as major risks to the companies employees. We must consider many aspects in order to maintain mentally healthy and happy employees.

This 5 days programme is scheduled for employees at risk of mental health issues causing them to be out of work for shorter or longer periods. It is designes to reduce stress and bring all levels back to a grounded and healthy state, and teach the person how to handle stressful environments, cope with their reactions and give them tools to avoid mental health issues.

With a combination of Positive Horse Facilitated Coaching and mindfulness tools, we work towards reversing the cycle and teach how to maintain positive mental health. By ways of grounding our bodies and minds though silence, connecting with nature and animals as well as our selves, we can reduce and eliminate mental health risk factors and help employees stay in their job and avoid short or long term illness.

The programme begin at four nights and five days. Accomodation included.

Prices begin at: € 1.500,00 + VAT per person. For groups please contact for price qoute


Horses are nonverbal experts and pick up all of our 'whole body' communication. It's not what you say but how you say and do it that makes a difference. Horses respond to leaders who demonstrate confidence, provide clear direction, and act authentically.

Gain awareness of your communicative strengths and weaknesses. Learn how to align your intentions with a bodylanguage that supports and clearifies your message.

Discover how others perceive you as a leader and if you have hidden filters or masks you use in your workspace. There is nothing like a horse that will show you exactly what others perceive.

The natural behaviour of the horse is one of instinct and honesty. In the ways of horses priorities are simple. Survival is key and as a group they share great wisdom of how to do so.

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