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At OWEC we offer a limited 10 horses in training. It is our philosophy, that each horse must receive the full attention and care they would, if they were the only horse here. Each horse is different and has his own needs. Our approch takes physical, mental and personality capacities into account when planning the training programme for each horse.

We offer:

  • Starting horses under saddle
  • Education from young horse to Grand Prix
  • Retraining and recovery-training
  • Showing horses at competitions and breeding shows

Our team consist of Dr. Vet. Med. João Crespo, Ferrier Joao Suzano, educated grooms and Nadja Maria as the only rider of horses in training.

All horses have their feeding programme carefully developed in corporation with SF Feeding and feeding expert Dr. Vet. Med. Maria João Baldaia.

Contact us at +351 916 118 770 or for more information

Price for Full Training starts at € 695.00 including feeding, daily turn-out, training and care. Price is not including veterinarian and ferrier costs nor costs for special needs feeding, treatments or supplements.


OWEC holds a capacity of 30 boxes, most of them outdoor-boxes with perfect climate, always fresh air and river-view. We have paddocks for all horses to get their daily turn-out, suited for stallions and various paddocks for geldings in groups.

Riding facilities include:

  • indoor arena 10x20 with 2017 fiber-surface
  • outdoor arena 20x40 with 2017 fiber-surface
  • Trailrides along the river and hacks in the forrest

OWEC is situated 45 minutes from Lisbon Airport at the bank of River Tejo, in Escaroupim, Salvaterra de Magos. We offer comfortable and modern, but typical portuguese apartments with WIFI, Pool, recreative gardens and various activities on and along the River Tejo. Enjoy a relaxing stay with portuguese gastronomy, historic sightings and recreative atmosphere while visiting your horse in training.

Contact us at +351 916 118 770 or email

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