improve your seat and aids

Improve your Seat & Aids

Can you answer yes to just one of these questions?

You have struggled to find the right connection in your seat?

You are finding some exercises hard to do and others easy?

You find some things easier on one rein than the other?

You want to connect better with your horse in the saddle - but you don't know how?

and do you want help to find out how to solve it?


👉 Forever access to all learning content on our online platform

👉 over 2 hours of learning content, including exercises and tests to find out how your own body function

👉 practical guidance showing how to apply the aids in the saddle and what you do when things don't go as planned

👉 15 days with your instuctors in a Facebook group ready to answer all your questions

👉 Two weekly LIVEs with Q&A

Why choose us?

Your riding instructor is Nadja Maria, a professionel rider and trainer working with horses from youngster to Grand Prix. She has trained riders from all over the world at her facility One World Equestrian Center in Portugal. She has specialized in seat-training on the lunge and with her schoolmaster team of PSG+ Lusitano helped riders of all levels, ages and physical means to improve and become better than they thought they could be. 

This course is for you, if you want to improve your seat and thereby your riding.

It includes amazingly simple-to-do tests and exercises for you to do at home created exclusively for you without the need of buying any type of equipment.

Are you tired of being stuck in your riding? Then you can buy the online course right here:

Why choose us? 

Your Anatomy instructor is danish rider and Physiotherapist Pernille Ottesen, educated in 2004 and since furthered her knowledge in Sport Physiotherapy, Functional training, McKenzie, Dynamic Neuromuscular stabilization and is specialized in Active Release Technique - she is one of the most sought after Therapists in Denmark and this is your chance to get her exercises and tests to help you improve your own body at home!

Sales are open from April 15th and ONLY until May 1st 2020

Next group will only open again in July 2020

Grap your place now and get ready to improve and solve all those things that have been holding you back! 

We can't wait to see you in the group - already open for member-requests - get your link as soon as you sign up for the course!

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